Welcome Jack Sheridan McCallister!



(posted Jan 16th, 2007)

Jack had his 2 month check-up and immunizations today and is a BIG healthy boy. He is now 15lbs 2oz and 27 inches long. His head and weight are on the charts now, but his length/height is WAY bigger than any charts for his age go up to. He is the average length of a 7 month old at 2 months! I think he is still taking after his daddy. ;-)

He is pretty much out of most of his 3-6 month and 6 month clothes now and well into 6-9 month and 9 month sizes. He even fits a couple 12 month outfits. He is wearing size 3 infant shoes.


pro pic

(posted Nov 20th, 2006)

Yesterday we had a photographer friend come over and take some nice photos of Jack. He is almost 3 weeks old! We can't believe how much he has changed in such a short time. He is such a good baby... Not very fussy, and very alert for his age. The photographer was very impressed that he wasn't upset by her flash.



(posted Nov 4th, 2006)

Jack Sheridan McCallister was born at 3:10am on October 31st, 2006.

He weighed 10lbs and 7oz, and was 23 1/4 inches long! Amazingly enough, Alison did not need a c-section. Thank You Jack for not having a huge head!

A few photos are posted on our gallery site at:


(posted Oct 29th, 2006)

Well, the kid has decided to be stubborn. So, tomorrow is our induction appointment. We have to call ahead and make sure they have a room available for us. If they are too busy, we'll have to reschedule. However, if there is a room at 7am, tomorrow will be induction day!

(posted Oct 24th, 2006)

We had our 40 week doctor appointment yesterday. The doctor ordered a sizing ultrasound and the estimate came back at 10lbs 5oz. These things are notoriously innacurate though, and the kid could be as small as 8.5lbs. However, the estimate made the doctor decide that if we haven't had the kid by next Monday (the 30th), he'll induce then.

So... the latest the kid will be born is probably next Tuesday on Halloween (Oct. 31st).

We're hoping he decides to come on his own before then though...

(posted Oct 11th, 2006)

We had our 38 week doctor appointment today. So far, Alison isn't showing any signs of impending labor. The doctor said, "for your sake, I hope you don't go past 40 weeks. That is one BIG baby."

He also said that after our appointment next week, he'll likely order another ultrasound to get a better idea of the kid's size and position then.

(posted Sept 13th, 2006)

We had a 34 week ultrasound appointment today to make sure things are going well. Alison had a little bit of dilating and cervical shortening/effacement at our last OB visit, so they wanted to check and make sure things were still within normal range.

The kid was doing well. He is downward and facing the right direction (already trying to be a good baby and not put mommy through back-labor during birth). His head was pressed right up against Alison's cervix and very low. He looked VERY smooshed in there.

His favorite hobbies these past weeks include: kicking mommy in the kidneys and floater ribs, constant 20-30 minute hiccup fits, and trying to beat up daddy whenever he hears his voice.

(posted July 27th, 2006)

We went to our 27 week 3D ultrasound appointment today. Stills from the exam are posted in the Ultrasounds section. The video is also at the top of the ultrasounds page now!

He measured in the 70-80th percentile for size so far. About a pound bigger than average for a 27 week fetus (normal is about 2.2lbs). He is about as long as a 29-30 week fetus. He is going to be big like his daddy. Looks a lot more like his dad than his mom as well.

(posted July 7th, 2006)

Alison went to her 24 week obstetrics appointment today. The fundal height is still just as rediculously large (see the new belly gallery photo). The doctor ordered a 3D ultrasound before the next appointment so we can take a better look at whether it is the fetus that is huge, amniotic fluid, or just Alison's uterus. We are pretty excited to do the 3D ultrasound. They look really cool, and we can get a video recording of the exam. Also, at the next appointment, it will be time for glucose tolerance screening to test for gestational diabetes. The obstetrician says it is unlikely going to be an issue for us, so it is just a routine test.

(posted June 14th, 2006)

Alison went to her 20 week obstetrics appointment on Monday. They measured her "fundal height" at 27.5 "weeks". The normal range is +/-3. No doubt this kid is going to take after his father!

(posted June 2nd, 2006)

We had our second ultrasound today. It is a boy! Everything looks great. The little guy was having fun dancing all over Alison's bladder throughout the exam.

(posted May 25th, 2006)

We purchased a used "fetal doppler" to be able to listen to the fetus' heartbeat at home. It also enables us to make recordings to share with all of you: heartbeat at 18 weeks. It seems to average around 138-150 BPM. Just in the middle of average (120-160 is "normal").

There is a new belly photo, and we'll likely be finding out the gender in about two weeks, so check back soon.

Well, we have some exciting news! We're expecting our first child!

The estimated due date is around October 22nd - Oct 26th.

We got to hear the heartbeat at our 11 week check-up, and we saw it at the 8 week ultrasound.

We'll be finding out the gender some time in June.

Morning sickness (all day and night in this case) was really bad for Alison and she lost about 8 pounds. She was totally dysfunctional for over a month, and although not as severe, she still has regular "morning sickness".

Alison was also dealing with some sciatica due to a congenitally backwards uterus, but that corrected itself in the 12th week...

Alison started showing really early for a first pregnancy. She was already starting to show around 7 or 8 weeks. She was able to raid the closet of a friend's wife for maternity clothes a few weeks ago. It is amazing that even losing so much weight, none of her old clothes fit. ;-)


We'll keep you all updated.

- Alison and Mark


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